Lithium Energy Japan Wins Mitsubishi Motors 2022 Quality Excellence Award

Lithium Energy Japan (LEJ), a GS Yuasa Group company, has won the 2022 Quality Excellence Award from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC).

LEJ President Toshiyuki Aoyama (right) receives a certificate of commendation from MMC President Kato (left)

In 2022, only six of MMC's approximately 180 subcontractors received the Quality Excellence Award.
LEJ received the award in recognition of the fact that LEJ has maintained the highest rating since June 2020 in the results of the Supplier Scorecard (SSC), a quality assessment system common to the Nissan/Renault/MMC Alliance.

■Comment by Toshiyuki Aoyama, President of Lithium Energy Japan
We are very honored to receive this prestigious award from Mitsubishi Motors as a result of our long-standing quality improvement efforts at LEJ. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved for their efforts. We will continue to make further efforts to ensure that we do not fall short of your expectations and trust.

LEJ was established in 2007 to develop, manufacture and market large lithium-ion batteries for automotive applications.To date, LEJ has supplied lithium-ion batteries for energy regeneration systems for railways and new transport, and renewable energy systems such as solar and wind power generation, not to mention electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
LEJ will continue to contribute to the realization of a carbon neutrality, which Japan and the rest of the world are aiming for, by leveraging our past achievements and advanced technological capabilities.

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