Successful launch of H3 Launch vehicle equipped with GS Yuasa batteries

On February 17, H3 Launch vehicle (H3 TF2: Test Flight No.2)  was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center. The rocket flew as planned and the launch was a success.

The  H3 Launch vehicle is equipped with two types of lithium-ion batteries and thermal batteries manufactured by GS Yuasa. The lithium-ion batteries supply power to the H3's measuring equipment, while the thermal batteries supply power to its attitude control equipment.

GS Yuasa Group will continue to contribute to the space development business and the development of society by developing products with the highest level of performance and quality for use in rockets and other space vehicles.

Launch of the H3 Launch vehicle (H3 TF2: Test Flight No.2)

引用元: JAXA

Lithium-ion battery for H3 Launch vehicle

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