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GS Yuasa Battery to Launch Renewed ECO.R HV Auxiliary VRLA Battery Series for Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

April 25, 2024
GS Yuasa Corporation

GS Yuasa Battery Ltd. (“GS Yuasa”), a GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674) group company, announced a renewed sales launch for the ECO.R HV auxiliary VRLA battery*1 series for Toyota hybrid vehicles in June 2024.

Hybrid vehicles are equipped with two types of batteries, one for traction and the other for auxiliary equipment. While a nickel metal hydride battery or a lithium-ion battery is installed as the main traction battery, a lead-acid battery is used for the auxiliary battery, which is mainly responsible for the activation of the hybrid system in the vehicle.

The VRLA auxiliary batteries sold by GS Yuasa are installed as a component in many of the new Toyota hybrid vehicles. Ahead of other companies, GS Yuasa has launched repair batteries for these VRLA batteries to meet repair demand.
In this renewal, performance rank*2 has been improved in 2 sizes, B20 and B24 (four L/R models in total), out of 5 sizes in the lineup. This reduces the possibility of a sudden flat battery and protects against the risk of the vehicle becoming unable to start.

GS Yuasa will continue to leverage its technological strength to respond to the expectations and demand for automotive batteries, which are changing with the times, and contribute to safe and secure car life.

*1 A battery that does not require rehydration or fluid volume checks at all, generates little oxygen or hydrogen gas, and absorbs oxygen gas with electrodes. In case of excess charge, the battery’s internal gas is released.
*2 Indicates the overall performance (starting performance and capacity) of the battery. The higher the value, the better the performance.

Features of ECO.R HV series

1. Improved performance rank with 4 models in 2 sizes
  B20 and B24 sizes with improved performance rank (S34B20R/L→S42B20R/L, S46B24R/L→S55B24R/L).
  Reduces anxiety about sudden flat battery.
2. No need to rehydrate or check fluid volume
  Adopted a VRLA battery suitable for mounting in a trunk room or under a rear seat.

Product warranty period

36 months or 60,000 km (after purchase, whichever comes first)

Date of release

June 2024

Standard retail price


Model List

Model name Main Compatible Car Models
EHJ-S42B20R PRIUS (W20, W30), PRIUS PHV (W35), PRIUS α (W40), 
Aqua (P10), Corolla Hybrid (E165)
PRIUS (W20, W30), PRIUS PHV (W35),
PRIUS α (W40), Lexus CT (A10)
EHJ-S55B24L Crown Hybrid (S210), Lexus IS 300h (E30), Lexus RC 300h (C10)
EHJ-S55D23R SAI (K10), Harrier Hybrid (U65),
CAMRY Hybrid (V50), Lexus HS (F10)
EHJ-S55D23L Estima Hybrid (R10, R20), ALPHARD Hybrid (H20), 
VELLFIRE Hybrid (H20), Lexus RX 450h (L10)
EHJ-S65D26L Crown Hybrid (S200), Crown Majesta Hybrid (S210), 
Lexus GS 300h (L10), Lexus GS 450h (S191, L10)
EHJ-S75D31L Lexus LS 600h (F45), Lexus 600hL (F46)

Images from the ECO.R HV series

Images from the ECO.R HV series

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