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Delivered 4.58MWh Grid Storage System for “Eurus Shiratori Battery Park”

April 24, 2024
GS Yuasa Corporation

GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674) has delivered a lithium-ion battery storage system with a storage capacity of 4.58MWh to Eurus Shiratori Battery Park in Fukuoka Pre. by Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation. The system began operation in January 2024.

This storage system was delivered a part of the project by Eurus Energy which is adopted by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy as part of its fiscal 2021 supplementary budget "Project to Support the Introduction of Grid Storage Batteries, etc. to Accelerate the Introduction of Renewable Energy”.
In addition, all of this system is domestically produced and GS Yuasa’s lithium-ion battery storage system will contribute to the maximum utilization of renewable energy by adjusting the power supply balance and stabilizing the power system by recharging and discharging power to the grid to which they are connected.

GS Yuasa will continue contributing to the field of power supply stabilization through expanding sales of its lithium-ion battery power storage systems. By helping to facilitate power grid adjustment capabilities, GS Yuasa is also contributing to further expansion of renewable energy use in support of Japan’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Features of lithium-ion battery storage system

1. High level of safety ensured as voltage of all cells can be monitored and temperatures of all modules can be controlled
2. As the modules are fan-less, malfunctions are less likely to occur and the number of parts requiring replacement has been substantially reduced
3. Modules housed in fire prevention ordinance compliant cubicles in accordance with relevant laws and regulations
4. Able to withstand severely cold climatic conditions

GS Yuasa's services

In the event of a malfunction, GS Yuasa utilizes its nationwide service network (one of Japan’s largest) to promptly respond to customer needs.

Battery type LEPS-2-14 lithium-ion batteries
Capacity 4.58MWh
Dimensions Housed in W 2,350mm × L 9,400mm × H 2,800mm containers
No. of containers 3

External view of the storage battery facility

External view of the storage battery facility

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