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Agreement for a Joint Demonstration Signed with Osaka Gas for Storage Battery Facility with New Power Conditioner

May 30, 2024
GS Yuasa Corporation

GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674; “GS Yuasa”) today announced that it has signed an agreement with Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. for the joint demonstration and operation of a storage battery facility in 30, May. The demonstration will involve the deployment of a storage battery facility with a new type of power conditioner (PCS) that is currently being developed by GS Yuasa with operation to commence in April 2025.

During this demonstration, The two companies will conduct the verification of multi-use operation  for multiple electricity markets (the wholesale power market, the capacity market, and the supply and demand adjustment market), as well as the verification of optimal operation control patterns which match the characteristics of the storage batteries ,and performance of the storage battery facility.

Based on the knowledge gained from this demonstration, the two companies will promote efforts to stabilize electric power using storage batteries facility and work to make a carbon-neutral society a reality.

Outline of the joint demonstration

Item Summary
Location of installation Osaka Gas Torishima District in Konohana Ward, Osaka City
Demonstration and Operation Period Planned for April 2025 to March 2028
Equipment PCS: 500 kW
Lithium-ion batteries: 840 kWh *Both made by GS Yuasa
Verification Details - Verification of multi-use operations for multiple electricity markets
- Verification of optimal operational control patterns which match the characteristics of storage batteries, and performance of the storage battery facility
Division of Roles 【Osaka Gas】
 - Construction of facilities and provision of premises necessary for the operation of the Storage Battery Facility
 - Operation and management of the Storage Battery Facility which simulates trading in the electricity market
【GS Yuasa】
 - Provision of the Storage Battery Facility and implementation of action in terms of operation and maintenance (O&M)
 - Implementation and review of equipment modifications and improvements based on data

Features of storage battery facility with the new power conditioner

1.High degree of freedom in terms of locations of installation
Since transportation, carrying-in, and installation work can be performed for units of storage battery panels, no special vehicles or large cranes are required for installation.
Compared to the large container-type storage battery facilities that have become mainstream in recent years, this system offers much greater flexibility when it comes to the selection of the installation site, including in terms of transportation routes used at the time of installation, and can be installed in narrow areas.

2.High degree of freedom in terms of facility design
Flexible design support is possible by increasing or decreasing the quantity of storage battery panels according to the required storage battery capacity.

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