GS Yuasa Wins Committee of Battery Technology Award for Research Accomplishments Toward the Commercialization of All-Solid-State Batteries

Novenber 9, 2022

GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674; “GS Yuasa”) received the Committee of Battery Technology Award at the 63rd Battery Symposium in Japan held on November 9, 2022 (organized by the Committee of Battery Technology, the Electrochemical Society of Japan*). This award recognizes GS Yuasa’s research accomplishments toward the commercialization of a solid electrolyte, a key material for all-solid-state batteries.
This award is presented to parties who have made outstanding contributions to battery research and development, or whose research is expected to make contributions to the field in the future.

Sulfide all-solid-state batteries are attracting attention as a next-generation storage battery that improves the safety and reliability of lithium-ion batteries. However, their commercialization faces the issue that the solid electrolyte reacts with moisture to generate hydrogen sulfide, which is harmful to the human body. To control this occurrence, it is necessary to remove the amount of water used in the manufacturing process. Yet this requires a substantial amount of electricity, which raises concerns over higher costs and CO2 emissions during manufacturing.
GS Yuasa has been working to improve the water resistance and ionic conductivity of solid electrolytes. In addition to improving water resistance by combining nitrides, and improving ionic conductivity by combining halides, the company incorporated computational chemistry to efficiently develop and apply the obtained solid electrolytes to all-solid-state batteries. The evaluation results of the resulting battery characteristics were reported at the 62nd Battery Symposium in Japan held in 2021. The Committee of Battery Technology highly evaluated this presentation, and subsequently presented GS Yuasa with the Committee of Battery Technology Award in recognition of this research as an achievement that will lead to dramatic progress towards the commercialization of all-solid-state batteries.

GS Yuasa will continue to pursue technological innovation and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through the rapid commercialization of all-solid-state batteries.

Award Recipient: Akihiro Fukushima, Research and Development Center
Topic: “Synthesis and evaluation of nitrogen-containing sulfide solid electrolyte boasting high ionic conductivity and superior water resistance” (2021 / Presented at the 62nd Battery Symposium in Japan)

* The Electrochemical Society of Japan was founded in 1933 to foster scientific and industrial progress in the fields of electrochemistry and industrial physical chemistry.

News Release issued on November 18, 2021
GS Yuasa Makes Significant Progress Towards Commercialization of All-Solid-State Batteries –Successful development of nitrogen-containing sulfide solid electrolyte boasting high ionic conductivity and superior water resistance–

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