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2.2MW Solar Power System Installed at GS Yuasa Ritto Plant Part of Efforts to Achieve “GY2030 Long-Term Greenhouse Gas Target”

March 28, 2023
GS Yuasa Corporation

GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674) today announced that consolidated subsidiary GS Yuasa International Ltd. (“GS Yuasa”) has installed a solar power system (2.2 MW generation capacity) together with a stationary power storage system (35.3 kWh battery capacity) at its Ritto Plant. The system has been operational since the end of January 2023. The generated electricity will be used to power the plant’s production activities.

The system’s annual generation capacity is approximately 2,300 MWh. This is expected to help reduce annual CO2 emissions by roughly 900 tons. The storage system will store some of the power generated by the solar power system to be able to provide an emergency power source in the event of a disaster.

The system features solar cell modules (6,531 units; output of 340W each) produced domestically by Choshu Industry Co., Ltd. It also features “Three-Phase LINE BACK αV” power conditioners and a “Three-Phase LINE BACK Meister” stationary power storage system, all produced domestically by GS Yuasa. Construction, operation, and servicing are also all facilitated through products sourced through GS Yuasa’s domestic supply chain. GS Yuasa believes this will demonstrate the high reliability of domestically produced mega-solar equipment and contribute to “local production for local consumption” in the energy field.

The system, which was selected by the Ministry of the Environment for a FY2021 solar power generation system subsidy project, is part of efforts contributing to the achievement of Japan's carbon neutrality target.

Recognizing that climate change caused by global warming is a crucially important societal issue, GS Yuasa Group is working to reduce the volume of greenhouse gases it emits in the course of its business activities. In May 2021, GS Yuasa set its “GY 2030 Long-Term Greenhouse Gas Target” of reducing the volume of greenhouse gases emitted in the course of its business activities by at least 30% compared with the fiscal 2018 level by fiscal 2030. To move closer to achieving this target, GS Yuasa plans to install an additional solar power system of the same class at the Ritto Plant, and will also invest in solar power systems for other Group plants.

GS Yuasa Group will continue to accelerate its reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and strive toward carbon neutrality through pursuing greater use of renewable energy.


Location GS Yuasa Ritto Plant, 780-1, Hachiya, Ritto-shi, Shiga, Japan
Power generation capacity 2.2MW (annual generation capacity: 2,300MWh)
CO2 emission reduction 900 tons (expected)

Solar power system installed on the roof of the plant

Solar power system installed on the roof of the plant

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